Anxiety: Practical Self-Care Approaches

Your guide to learning self-care and wellness

Anxiety: Practical Self-Care Approaches is an introductory self-care program which sets the tone for cultivating an emotional and mentally healthy way of living. Self-care is a learned set of attitudes, behaviors and beliefs which need to be practical and accessible to you day to day. Within these 6 modules you will be guided through 6 pillars of self-care to apply to your life.

Anxiety: Practical Self-Care Approaches

6 Modules to better self-care.

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Introduction and Module 1: What is Self-Care?

    • Module 2: Calming the Mind and Grounding Energy

    • Module 3: Yoga

    • Module 4: Meditation and Breathing

    • Module 5: Energy Hygiene

    • Module 6 and Conclusion: Emotional Freedom and Tapping